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Beer Blue

The Collectible

Hello guise ;)

Everyone's favorite drunk Swedish dad is here! Papanomaly has taken time out of his busy beer-drinking schedule to team up with Youtooz for his inaugural figure. Sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl, Papanomaly is made double-fisting two beers while wearing his one of a kind Papanomaly bucket hat, death metal t-shirt complete with his watch and bracelet.

Packaging places Papanomaly inside a can of his own brand of beer. His dream of swimming in beer are finally a reality. The figure comes held in a double-walled window box that is protected by an embossed, matte outer-sleeve. Take him on adventures or display him in your room, just make sure you don't forget Anomaly who is bound to record it all!

About Papanomaly

Anomaly's old man, and damn proud of it! Papanomaly used to run a printing and paint shop in Sweden, before retiring to focus on making videos full time with Anomaly. The two have a loving relationship and live in Malta where they continue to make videos every day.

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