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The Collectible

Oh no, it looks like papa has passed out drunk again! Shake the box to wake him up. Wait…. he's still not waking up? Should we like…. call someone? The hospital? Alcoholics anonymous!? Anomaly!!?? Oh! He's waking up! What's he doing??? No, No, NO! PAPA! DON'T REACH FOR THE BOTTLE! You've had enough! NO! PAPA! STOP!!!

This unique collectible introduces a new style of Youtooz signature eyes. This figure comes lying on the floor, too dizzy to get up. The clothing is an extension of Papanamaly's inaugural drop which sees Papanomaly styled in his classic baby blue bucket hut. The packaging was made in collaboration with Papa, and is styled after the interior carpet of his cozy Swedish home, where true to nature, this moment has played out time and time again. Youtooz does not recommend driving with this figure in your vehicle due to its extremely high blood alcohol content, it may put the driver at risk of a DUI!

About Papanomaly

Anomaly's old man, and damn proud of it! Papanomaly used to run a printing and paint shop in Sweden, before retiring to focus on making videos full time with Anomaly. The two have a loving relationship and live in Malta where they continue to make videos every day.