Parrot Plush (9in)
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Who's a pretty bird?

The plush

"SQUAACK" *clears throat*

ParrotX2 makes their Youtooz debut with this adorable and amazingly colorful plush! This plucky tropical bird sits at 9 inches tall with its yellow talons stick out in front of him as it sits happily on its bum. His teal body is flanked by thick feathered multicolour wings which are decorated with waves of green, orange and yellow that continue up onto his shoulders. In the centre of his face sits a short black beak under his staple Youtooz eyes, while the top of his head is adorned with a plumage of green feathers that stick straight up. This plush is absolutely packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of a minky material! Absolutely perfect for cuddling, or for taking down a horde of creepers.

About Parrot

Parrot is an American YouTuber that produces a wide range of Minecraft videos and is best known for his Minecraft debunking and challenge videos. Parrot has expertly mined and stacked his way into having over 1.38 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

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