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Just your fun-loving father figure figment figurine! When you were younger, pointing you in the right direction was a little easier. A more mature person comes with more mature moral questions. I learned the hard way that giving too simple of answers to complicated questions can do more harm than good. Patton Sanders is 4.7 inches tall and is sculpted with black glasses and a big smile on his face. He clutches both hands in front of his chest, eager and proud. He wears a baby blue t-shirt with a grey sweater draped around his back. His khaki pants and brown dress shoes complete this cute figurine. His window box uses a blue background, with a unique pattern on the sides. The figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is a musician, actor and content creator known for his skits on Vine and Youtube. Born in Florida, he started his career doing impressions of popular characters online. Since then, he has garnered millions of views and subscribers on the internet.

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