PeanutButterGamer x Arthur
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Nutty Aardvark
November 1 – November 30

The Collectible

'Arthur's literally me!'

The collaboration wanted across the world, Peanutbuttergamer has merged with Arthur for this iconic new Youtooz! Standing at 4.8 inches tall, PBG is wearing his take on the classic Arthur outfit ands is dressed in white and red sneakers with blue jeans and a soft yellow sweater with a white collar poking out through the neckline. Posed with a wide stance with his arms infront, he holds a black and white striped hoop that sits just behind the aardvark ears which pop through a mess of brown hair as his face is alight with a happy smile and is framed between his beard and his round glasses. The windowed display box has been illustrated to show PBG gleefully walking across a globe with a star-speckled space background. While the interior of the box has a pattern of mishappen cubes arranged over a blue background. The protective sleeve is a light blue with a pattern of white and teal stars running across it as his figure can be seen through the large clear window at its front. This collectible was designed in collaboration with the community member @therealracckun and it ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Peanut Butter Gamer

Austin Hargrave, also known as PeanutButterGamer is a gaming content creator from the United States of America. He's known for his Top 10 videos and gaming reviews and first started making videos when he was only 12 years old.


Arthur Read is everyone’s favorite aardvark. Premiering in 1996, this longest-running, children’s animated television show has taught us how to deal with the challenges of growing up since the ‘90s. Set in fictional Elwood City, ARTHUR has one of most iconic opening theme songs on tv, set to a reggae beat performed by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

Arthur ™ and all Arthur characters are trademarks of Marc Brown Studios. All Arthur characters and underlying materials (including artwork) © Marc Brown. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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