Flex Seal
Phil Swift
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That’s a lotta damage

The Collectible

Yes, the legend is true. Phil Swift DID saw that boat in half. Ah, but he did so much more than that, Flex fans. He split it, and then magically sealed it back up again using the Super-Strong power of Flex Tape®. With the mighty cry of, "Patch, bond, seal, and repair!", chaos is restored to order with an adhesive that bonds instantly. And if you're wondering... yes, the inside stayed completely dry. Standing a proud 5 inches tall, Phil props up half of a boat with each arm, and smiles in his official Flex Tape shirt and protective goggles. And then, on the boat… the famous words that launched a million memes, “I sawed this boat in half!” Yes you did, Captain Phil, yes you did. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, outer protective sleeve.

About Flex Seal

Way back in the year 2011, Swift Response, LLC was born. Our great inventor and leader, Phil Swift, saw that the world needed so many voids to be filled. And he did it with waterproofing adhesives, bonds, and seals. Phil Swift gifted humanity with The Flex Seal® Family of Products to satisfy all your DIY home repair and maintenance needs. And the memes. The endless, endless memes… you’re welcome humans.