Pixie Peek Mug
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Peek-a-boo Pixie

The Mug

Heeyyy Brutus! Look at this cute little mug I fit in ;) Pixie is back but this time in a ceramic mug, purrfect for filling with milk, gravy or anything else a kitty might like. Oh and it's great for coffee, tea, or anything a person might want to drink too! Inside the mug is an adorable little Pixie hiding just under the beverage of your choice, with each sip getting you closer to finding this hidden kitty! The outside of the mug has been painted to showcase bright green bushes surrounded and a dirt path that may show some hints of a kitty hiding somewhere! This mug would prefer to be hand washed but is perfectly microwave and dishwasher-safe. Watch it spin round and round in the microwave to pass the time.

About Pet Foolery

Created by Ben Hed, these wonderful comics about imaginary animals, inspired by real life events have grown to an audience of millions, who’s days they routinely brighten with their clever humor and adorable storylines.

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