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The Collectible

Sloths have never been cooler. Congratulations, you are about to receive one of the greatest treasures of your life. You own poke Youtooz. Remember to take today to remember that everything you did in life since you were born made you receive this right here, right now. Enjoy me and my sloth. Poke stands 4.9 inches tall, with a big smile and a little yellow twinkle on his tooth. He wears a blue and beige striped shirt with a small black sloth printed on the chest, and rolled up yellow shorts with blue palm trees printed on them. Standing barefoot, he has a giant, top-hat wearing sloth hugging his back. His double-walled window box was illustrated to reflect the nature habitat of a group of sloths. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed, outer sleeve.

About Poke

Zachary Neil Tarnopol, better known online as Poke, is an American gaming Youtube creator specializing in Roblox content. He started uploading in 2011, playing a variety of games until finding his niche.

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