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Lemon City

The Collectible

Look, I didn’t do bad things like Dream. Okay? Look at me. Look at me! Sitting on a red mini fridge, Ponk has be crafted wearing his famous original mask and throwing up a peace sign. He’s designed with a black hoodie, black and red shoes, and white and black joggers with red stripes up the sides. The interior and exterior of his box is decorated with lemons against a purple background, with the back exterior packaging depicting a lemon tree in front of a peaceful sunset. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve, encased inside a clear plastic protector.

About Ponk

DropsByPonk is a South African-English Twitch Streamer. He first appeared in early 2020 on numerous livestreams from the members on the earlier Dream SMP streams. Shortly after he began streaming on his own and quickly gained a loving fanbase for his wholesome, upbeat streams.

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