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Blood and Honey

The Collectible

Revenge is a dish best served with honey! At 4.6 inches tall he raises his left arm to give you an unsettling 3-fingered wave, letting out a toothy smile with a lower jaw that's split in two and hanging on by a thread of meaty flesh. His body is covered with a golden gnarled skin that bunches at his joints, with bright red blood streaks from his latest victim staining a grey apron tied over his soiled black shirt. The exterior of his packaging shows a room devastated by the carnage Pooh has left behind in his pursuit of souls, with the interior sitting him inside a dingy blood and honey stained padded cell. The protective sleeve is a sharp two tone red and yellow, displaying the honey dripping ‘Pooh’ logo. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping. This figure was made in collaboration with community member @therealracckun!

EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME ITEM: Each figure includes a DLC code redeemable for an exclusive in-game lantern- Pooh’s severed head!*

About Pooh

Pooh! Is an upcoming Roblox horror game developed by Wonder Works Studio in which you must escape the wrath of a horrifying Pooh and discover lore to uncover the mysteries behind this creature.

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*No purchase necessary for exclusive code.

Curious how Youtooz figures are made? Learn more about our process.
Please check out our shipping rates and shipping times on our shipping policy page.