Popgoes Pin Set
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5 x 3.7”
Popgoes Pin-zeria

The Pins

The Popgoes crew pops back into Youtooz to help (or hinder) you from making it through the night with this limited edition enamel pin collector's box! Containing 6 unique enamel pins that each measure 2 inches in height with a shiny, high quality finish, the collection sees Popgoes slinging his mic, Saffron chucking up a peace sign, Stone leaning on his sign, Manora jumping with joy, Blake up to some mischief and Sara jamming out! Perfect as decoration on a cork board or showing off on your tote bag, backpack, fanny pack, jacket or wherever your heart desires, these pins are sure to turn heads and catch the eyes of anyone you pass, letting them know your favorite place to have a pizza party!

About Popgoes

Popgoes the Weasel is the primary animatronic in "POPGOES", a spinoff series of Five Nights at Freddy's. Originally developed as a fangame on Reddit, it is now an official part of the franchise!

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