Projekt Melody FT. T1MBOT
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November 10 – December 10

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'Rawr, Ya Butts!'

Projekt Melody is back and this time she brought a T1MBOT with her for her return to Youtooz! At 4.7 inches tall and wearing her classic cyber girl outfit, she leans forward while taking T1MBOT for a ride with her grey heels kicked out to the sides in delight. Balancing atop T1MBOT's round body as their neon blue face cast the happiest smile, Melody's black goved hands are planted infront of her as she wears a cropped jacket which is decorated with detailing of blue and purple, black piping and pouches, while her purple and blue hair pulled up in to a ponytail with a colored ribbon and her face beaming sparkling eyes and blushing cheeks. The protective sleeve has been illustrated with many T1MBOTs floating in the background as they fade and blend into the blue colouring. In comparison, the interior has been designed with a cybernetic pattern over a blue background, while the protective sleeve shows Melody holding a happy T1MBOT in their hands as their figures can be seen through the large clear window as its front. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody is a 3D anime-styled streamer and internet personality created in 2019 who has quickly amassed an international following of millions worldwide.

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