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The Collectible

So guys we did it. We finally got a Pyrocynical collectors item. Place him in your room, sell him on ebay, or push him off buildings all in the name of Youtube content. This one of a kind collectible comes sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl material and spray-painted with a subtle gradient inspired by the internet's hypnotic vaporwave subculture. He stands firmly at a height of 4 inches, with arms crossed bearing a cheeky grin. Each figure's head comes with a slightly unique gradient due to the careful hand-painting process required to color the vinyl.

The interior of the packaging has Pyrocynical trapped inside a television, with a backdrop of VHS static reminiscent of the early 1990's. The window box is designed in cyberpunk style, influenced by glitch art. All of this is encased in a protective sleeve made of smooth, matted material, featuring an embossed Pyrocynical Youtooz.

*Petscop not included.

About Pyrocynical

Pyrocynical is a British commentary Youtuber who makes content about social media and current events. Getting his start in 2013 uploading memes and MLG videos, Pyrocynical has grown into one of the leading commentary channels with over three million subscribers. Not one to avoid criticism or back down from a feud, Pyrocynical has solidified his spot as an outspoken member of the community.

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