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The Collectible

The 69th Youtooz release is here and it's no other than Pyrovision. This unique collectible places Pyrocynical, unmasked among five old school cathode ray tube televisions. This version of Pyro finally shows us what hides underneath his TV head, revealing a red fox. Youtooz artists worked hand in hand with Pyro's design team to develop a concept that fits Niall's vision. Each tooth is individually sculpted, forming a devious grin to capture Pyro's personality. The rest of the figure is a continuation from Pyrocynical's original release, wearing identical red sneakers and sweater dyed with a purple gradient. Each television screen surrounding Pyro includes a different expression. A unique feature of this collectible is appeal from multiple angles. The packaging was drawn by Pyro's personal artist with finishing touches added by Youtooz. The scene shows a setting sun on a vaporwave inspired landscape. The window box comes protected in an embossed, matte protective sleeve.

About Pyrocynical

Pyrocynical is a British commentary Youtuber who makes content about social media and current events. Getting his start in 2013 uploading memes and MLG videos, Pyrocynical has grown into one of the leading commentary channels with over three million subscribers. Not one to avoid criticism or back down from a feud, Pyrocynical has solidified his spot as an outspoken member of the community.

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