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Duck Yellow/Barack Blue

The Collectible

Habibi means beautiful — and Habibi exactly what you'll be saying over and over when you get your hands on this one of a kind figure. Designed in collaboration with Quackity, this figure is sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl material. It's weighty, durable and a perfect sidekick for making memes, watching content or just browsing reddit. From duck to beanie, Quackity measures 4.9 inches in height. Each letter of 'Quackity' is meticulously printed on individual sections of the Beanie. The idea for the double-walled window box was created by Youtooz and Quackity to set the collectible in the middle of a desert paying homage to his birthplace. Beautifully crafted, this is a figure you don't want to miss out on.

About Quackity

Known for raiding online communities including Discords, Roblox, Club Penguin Islands and Twitch streams, Quackity's growth exploded in late 2018 on Youtube. Known to get himself into more than a few sticky situations, Quackity has been banned from Discord as a result of his antics.

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