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Mary Jane

Limited edition of 2000 units.


The Collectible

*hits blunt* you ever like, hit the bong so hard with your nose that you start wondering what it would be like to be a cricket? This limited edition figure is a celebratory 4/20/20 release. 4.5 inches from top to bottom, it features RaccoonEggs peaking out of a trash can overgrowing with Mary Jane. This bootleg homemade grow-op is sculpted with a lid by one side and dent on the other, this collectible is something you'd stumble upon in a back alley. RaccoonEggs bears a grinning expression which is sculpted into the face, as well as his usual clout goggles. The double-walled window box was designed in collaboration with RaccoonEggs, taking inspiration the darkest corners of a metropolitan city. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed, exterior sleeve.

About Raccooneggs

Square footage shouldn't determine rent as much as it does, we should just go off the number of walls. Ezra, also known as RaccoonEggs is an American content creator primarily making gaming commentary videos.

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