Cult of the Lamb
Rakshasa Stickie (6in)
$29.99 USD

The Plush

Rakshasa arrives to Youtooz with his first plush and is ready cook up some new dishes! Standing at 6 inches, his back is a multicolored shell that resembles a rainbow. He wears a white chef hat and has a cross drawn on his body in red. This 6 inch stickie is stuffed with ultra-soft 100% PP cotton and comes with 4 sewn-in magnets so you can stick them together or onto any magnetic surface!

About Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is the action roguelike game, developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, putting you directly in the hoofs of a possessed lamb as you become a cult leader to your flock and ultimately decide whether you’ll be a benevolent or malevolent master!

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