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The Collectible

Oh Deer, Happy New Year! This is the 2019 holiday release of Zuckles. Don't turn your back on him, he's wild, he's loose and he's pulling Santa Fitz's sleigh cross the world to deliver presents this scuffed holiday season! He's so hype and he's doing everything he can to sell one million toys. The packaging features Reinzuckles eagerly awaiting Christmas eve inside a barn, ready to pull the magic sleigh with all his might. This figure is couched, measuring 3.15 inches from the ground and comes styled with antlers, a bell and a red nose.

About Zuckles

Within the group, Zuckles = content when it comes to the Misfits. He started his channel in December 16, 2014. Starting out making content for Day-Z and Rust, he was born and raised in Australia. Known for his quick thinking and ability to win in any game, Zuckles is often heard before he's seen.

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