Ricky Berwick
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The Collectible

Cheesy licking, peanut butter cup eating, and social media star Ricky Berwick! This smelly collectible comes packaged with miniaturized Ricky's peanut butter cups and 1 miniaturized Cheesie (please to not eat, only lick!). Sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high-quality vinyl, Ricky Berwick kneels at 3 inches high. The mouth is sculpted into the face, letting you feel the sharp ridges of Ricky's individual teeth and tongue. Take a peak from behind for a sensual surprise near Ricky's bottom. This not so normal collectible balances on its knees. Designed in collaboration with Ricky Berwick, the packaging features a mountain of Ricky's favorite snacks. The figure comes protected in a matte, embossed exterior sleeve.

About Ricky Berwick

Ricky Berwick was born on April 23, 1992 in Ontario, Canada and diagnosed with a physical disability that limits his movements. He is an actor and comedian, known for his bizarre video skits, and tongue flicks. Warning: Ricky Berwick can crawl up to speeds of 3mph around on the floor and will grab your legs if he believes you are a threat. If you're not a threat, he's an all around nice guy.