Rico the Giant
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The Collectible

Rico’s fresh off his latest heist and has set his eyes on Youtooz! Sneaking in at a stealthy 4.9 inches tall, he’s posed mid stride and letting out a panicked scream as he makes his escape clenching his newly acquired riches in a large ‘inconspicuous’ hessian sack. His long thick dreadlocks are held out of his face with a slouch beanie, while the rest of his outfit portrays the very essence of thief fashion with a pitch black long sleeve shirt, pants and boots, perfect for blending seamlessly into the shadows. The exterior of his packaging perfectly replicates a sturdy gunmetal grey bank vault with a thick secure door. While the interior surrounds him in countless riches as with gold coins, bullions and precious gems stacked high. The protective sleeve matches the bank vault, with the door slightly ajar revealing the treasures held within. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Rico the Giant

Youtuber, streamer and thief extraordinaire. Rico is a master of simulators, stepping directly into the virtual shoes of anyone, from world class spies to school bullies. Since his first upload in 2016, he continues to entertain his over 800K subscribers with only the most hilarious content and quality gameplay.

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