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Toot Toot!

Nermal and Jermal blast onto the scene in the sickest ice cream truck you’ve ever seen! Having finished throwing ice cream at kids and doing donuts in the parking lot, these speed demons can be seen happily joyriding from the front windows of their 1ft tall gas-guzzler that is painted in the most immaculate pink camo with dark pink licks of flame emanating from around headlights and front wheels. Its sides are decaled with images of Nermal eating ice cream and flippin’ us the bird, as a giant smiling Nermal adorns its top, tightly gripping the roof which is covered with a vibrant pink ice cream that melts down over its sides in huge gooey dollops.. This collectible ships nestled snugly within the protective black foam interior of its heavy duty packaging, which is printed with flames of deep pink erupting from its base over a pink camo pattern that matches the paint job of the truck.

About RipNDip

Founded in 2009 in Orlando, Florida by Ryan O'Connor, RipNDip is a Los Angeles based clothing brand known for its presence in the skate world, and badass feline mascot — Lord Nermal.

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