Ripndip x Youtooz Surfing Nerm Hoodie
$85.00 USD
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The Hoodie

Ripndip and Youtooz have teamed up once again so you can become one with the ocean and let it wash over you without fear of drowning in its cold hidden depths! This super comfy hoodie comes equipped with a pocket on the stomach for all your beach-going needs and is patterned in a streaking blue tie-dye and a print of Nerm surfing right at the center of the chest, while the back print shows off the full scene of him riding a curling wave and sports both the Ripndip and Youtooz logos in bright green.

About RipNDip

Founded in 2009 in Orlando, Florida by Ryan O'Connor, RipNDip is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand known for its presence in the skate world, and badass feline mascot — Lord Nermal.

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