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Country Roads

The Collectible

Country rooaaaaaads….. take me hooooooooome….. to a plaaaaaaacee…. I BELOOOONG! Among the destruction of a metropolis, RTGame stands as both lone surviver and conquerer. Standing 4.8 inches tall, this figure was implements one of the longest faces sculpted by Youtooz to date. Wearing the same suit he seemingly wears every day, RTGame holds a controller in one hand and an asteroid in the other (still on fire from penetrating the Earth's atmosphere!). The window box was inspired by a meteor shower combined with a beautiful starry galaxy using shades of lavender. All designs were crafted by RTGame and Youtooz artists. The collectible comes protected by an embossed, outer sleeve.

About RTGame

RTGame is an Irish guy who likes to commit warcrimes a bit too much. He streams on Twitch and uploads highlights to his Youtube channel. Subscribe to his channel or else.