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Crying Rainbow

The Collectible

Swimming from the great white north, out of the deep Arctic, TheRussianBadger waddles his way over to Youtooz. Sculpted with tears streaming from his eyes, a cheeky grin on his snout and a round, smooth body, this figure stands 4 inches tall and comes holding a white can with a contrasting rainbow print. The double-walled window box is inspired by RussianBader's natural northern habitat which sees him floating on a pile of ice. The figure comes in a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve.

About RussianBadger

How do I even have one of these? I told Youtooz that I never know what to write for these things because I never thought I'd make it this far. Alright. Fine. If this is my moment to impart my enlightened wisdom upon the world, here goes: The AT4 is the only acceptable home defense weapon. With each purchase I grow stronger. You cowards will never stop me!

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