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The Collectible

Hi. I draw, animate, and marry the grind. Hey You!! Yes you, who’s thinking of buying this Youtooz. You’re Pog :D

Beautifully sculpted standing 4.7 inches tall, Sad-ist transitions from the animated world into the physical. Her figure is in greyscale, symbolizing her work in the background, animating exciting storylines and was designed in collaboration with SpacePanda. In one hand is a life sized stylus, her magic tool to turn her imagination into reality. She wears a white mask with a frown and an oversized, baggy sweater with a print of half a heart in the center. On the side are additional props (in color) to communicate more about her persona. A detailed illustrated double-walled window box shows concrete ruins, with golden morning sunlight shining through cracks and windows. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About SAD-ist

SAD-ist is an animator on Youtube best known for her animation videos revolving around video games, gaming content creators and streamers. Her channel exploded to millions of views in 2020!

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