Santa Fitz
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The Collectible

Ho, ho, ho! Meeeeerrrrrry scuffles! Santa Fitz is the 2019 holiday edition of the one and only Fitz. He is jolly, he is scuffed, and he's shooting straight down your chimney with his big sack full of budget presents. Who knows what's inside!? Santa Fitz stands 4.25 inches tall and is sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary holiday vinyl. His beard has been remodeled as melting snow and he comes styled in a rare classic santa hat. In one hand he holds a Naughty list, filled top to bottom with names of people that can expect lumps of coal in their stockings this winter after an extra naughty 2019. In his other hand is an overflowing bag of presents, although the Youtooz team has yet to figure out exactly what exactly is underneath the wrapping paper. The packaging is designed after a snowy winter night and sees Santa Fitz being pulled through the sky by Reinzuckles, with ElfSouls and Mrs. On The Tele helping him deliver presents to those whom were on the nice list this year. This collectible comes in protected in an embossed outer sleeve. Merry Scuffmus!

About Fitz

Trust us when we say Fitz is the opposite of advertiser friendly. Known for his comedy and offensive content, Fitz makes hilarious CS:GO and gaming videos with his scuffed group of friends. Once a week he co-hosts the Misfits podcast where you can find him encouraging listeners to turn up, while sharing wild adventures from his life. Born and raised in New Zealand, Fitz's humor is a breath of fresh air in the Youtube community.

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