Shiba Goober
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The Collectible

Find a brain and blend in! The Goobers figures make their arrival at Youtooz! Standing at 4.9 inches tall with a transparent head these gooey, whimsical creatures are accompanied by their favorite animals as their adorable companions. These two best buddies look to explore the stars in their special made space suit and rocket brain. This figure comes in one of four random colorways which affect their goo, outfit and their pupper hat! Try to collect them all, or test your luck and see what you get! Settle into your rocket ship and command center and get ready to take flight into the unknown of space with the Astronaut Goober and Shiba pet!

About Goobers

Goobers are an art based project that were formally associated the corresponding NFT set of the same name. Now, they exist solely adorn your shelf, desk or figurine collection with their fun, colorful and adorable appearance.

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