Shirahiko Plush (9in)
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Fierce Fox
September 20 – October 20

The Plush

"im fox i kill u give money"

Shirahiko has left the fox den and come to Youtooz to become her very own Youtooz plush. Standing at 9 inches tall, this fox is dressed to impress. Wearing her iconic pink and off-white kimono. The back of her kimono rests on top of her tail that extends behind her. The kimono opens slightly at the front to show the layers underneath the top pink layer. Showing her cute black shoes and white socks, underneath her gold-trimmed off-white middle layer, and white base layer dress. The Pink kimono has yellow trim and detailing while being held up in the middle by a purple belt. Her arms extend slightly to the sides, to show the big sleeves. Her face is slightly-flushed on the cheeks underneath her yellow and pink eyes. Her face is framed by a straight-cut bang of grey hair that cascades down the sides nearly to the floor. The hair in the back is cropped and cut at shoulder length. Shirahiko's fox ears extend upward with fluffy hair protruding from inside the ears made of sherpa material. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and the body is made of a mix of the softest minky material, perfect for cuddling or reviewing some furniture with!

About Shirahiko

Shirahiko is an independent German Vtuber, who uploads a variety of content including furniture reviews, Karaoke, snack testing as well as playing a variety of games.

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