Shylily Shoulder Rider (6in)
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The Plush

Got any boats you need sinking?

Shylily may be a little shy but she's always up for an adventure! Now you can have this adorable orca accompany you everywhere with it riding on your shoulder! At 6 inches in length, it is posed perfectly to perch on your shoulder. She has her two front legs extended in front of forward, while her hind legs are are flopped behind. As if to brace herself atop your shoulder, her long tail will cascade down your back. With a happy rounded smile and a long fin on her head, this little angel has light blue markings around her sides, near her eyes and even on her forehead, making up the the iconic blue diamond Shylily is known for. This plushie is made of a minky material packed to the seams with the most huggable squishy 100% PP cotton and comes equipped with a magnetic disc to let it perch firmly atop your shoulder as the best accessory.

About Shylily

Shylily, AKA Lily, is a Twitch streamer and VTuber who has been streaming since 2015. She is based in the Netherlands and has over 1.2 million subscribers on Twitch. Lily is an Orca hybrid, she often uses her light, which emanates from her, to guide lost people.
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