Silly Cat Plush (9in)
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"Meow" (but make it silly)
October 9 – November 9

The Plush

Well that cat is out of the bag..or is it off of the page? That's right, one of the world's premiere feline artists Basil has teamed up with Youtooz for an all-new plush! This pudgey white cat stands at 9 inches tall and ready for a hug, or as much hugging as they can do with the short arms and legs that stick out from their torso. With an adorable face that short black whiskers extending from the sides above some rosy cheeks, atop this kitty's head and between their ears are 3 grey stripes. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and some polly pellets in the buttocks. This silly cat is made of a mix of the softest minky material, perfect for cuddling or drawing with!

About Basiileafs

Basil is a streamer, illustrator and all 'round content creator of adorable cats! Known for her super cute art style, she has sketched her way to a global reach across social media and Twitch, where she streams a mix of content from gaming to animation.

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