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Fierce, Fiery and Feminine
October 28 – November 28

The Collectible

"My fire turns blue when I'm angry, and orange when I'm-... You know what never mind, buy my Youtooz!"

Sinder blazes a trail to Youtooz with her own figure! This fiery figure stands at 5.1 inches tall showing Sinder posed with some high level attitude. With her pyro pup at her feet, she is wearing a black collar around her neck similar to her pyro pup's spiked collar. Sinder is wearing black high heels with red bottoms and stockings with red detailing that lead up to her black mini-skirt. Her red top is decorated with a black bow in the center and other black detailing on her chest and sleeves. Her left arm rests perched on her hip while her right-hand holds a fireball in its palm. Her long brown highlighted hair flows behind her, framing her beautiful face. The windowed display box has been illustrated to show a dark fiery scene with shadows of chains and skulls in the distance. The interior of the box continues this same design. The protective sleeve has been designed with bright flames that reach upwards. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom-sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About Sinder

Sinder is an American independent VTuber and Twitch Streamer and has been described as a wolf girl engulfed in flames, who was banished from the underworld for being too nice. When she's not napping, she can be found streaming on Twitch to over 225k followers who come to watch her play a wide variety of games!

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