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Fingers Crossed

The Collectible

Smiling with a diamond sword in hand, Skeppy comes off as an approachable lad. However, don't take him at face value, behind the grin is a pair of crossed fingers. Get too close and he'll send you into the nether. If you get away, be prepared for his wrath of server bans. Sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary high quality vinyl, this figure stands 4.5 inches tall. Dressed in a relaxed fitting hoodie, the packaging is inspired by diamonds and the typical terrain you'll find Skeppy hanging out in on a typical day. The window box comes with a matte, embossed protective exterior sleeve.

About Skeppy

High energy Youtuber and a constant source of entertainment, Skeppy continues to humor his fans with creative content on a daily basis. Tune in and follow him and you too, like the rest of his followers, will discover the significance of their favorite number – 14!

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