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The Collectible

This box contains the most handsome, hilarious, and humble Minecraft player in existence! Skeppy’s second Youtooz is designed after his real life look. Following the iconic Skeppy blue color scheme of his in-game character, Skeppy rocks a blue hoodie, blue sneakers, comfy black shorts and of course his Skeppy Minecraft beanie. Oh yeah, he ALSO holds a giant diamond (which he probably found for BadBoyHalo) while giving us the iconic Skeppy 😛 face. His  window box (double-walled by the way for extra protection against creepers) is designed to show him frantically running and searching for those very diamonds in a deep cave. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and we are so excited for you to receive it.

About Skeppy

Skeppy is a Minecraft YouTuber who has been in the space for over 6 years! Best and most of all he is known for trolling his close friends with all of the different mods available for the game and it’s endlessly hilarious and fun! Make sure to check out his content and subscribe!

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