Sleepy Fundy (9in)
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Sleepy Fox

The Plush

Shhhh… Be quiet please, Fundy is sleeping. Rest up little boi, it’ll be a long day pulling off the perfect heist tomorrow.

Introducing this ultra-soft limited edition plushie featuring Fundy the fox. Stuffed with 100% PP cotton, he is sleeping in a curled up position and wears a black sweater with a quad color horizontal design wrapping around the body. With his adorable oversized tail keeping him warm, he has a peaceful expression on his face, probably dreaming about food. This utterly cute plush is 9 inches wide and ships in a high quality custom Youtooz mailer bag to protect him from the elements on his journey to you.

About Fundy

Fundy, also known as Floris is a Dutch gaming creator known for his strange alterations to Minecraft and skill in the championship games. His videos have grown to millions of views as he battles his way to the top!

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