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The Collectible

This collectible shows Charlie, also known as Slimecicle, in human form leaning on his sidekick baby slime. The figure is sculpted out of Youtooz's legendary vinyl, displaying the slime as melting green blob. This figure is extra wide and may be difficult to fit with household objects, so please be mindful when purchasing. The packaging was designed in collaboration with Slimecicle and features a dark and green scene. Bonus: buy Slimecicle, Traves, Ted Nivison and Cscoop to get a Lunch Club x Youtooz collaboration poster hand-signed by Traves, Cscoop, Ted Nivison, Slimecicle, Callmecarson and JSchlatt.

About Slimecicle

Gamer. Punmaster. Kazoo fiend. Hey! I'm Slimecicle! You've probably seen some of my-wait. I know you. Yes… your face. Yes. I have seen this face. Through one side of the screen you lightly exhale out of your nose at my joke and through the other… I watch. Through the vast digital landscape of colors and sound, I always watch… and dream. And I have dreamed of. THIS MOMENT. YES. LET. ME. OUT.