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Sassy Flamingo

The Collectible

Oh hey! It’s Scott, or Smajor, or Dangthatsalongname, or Mcc Organizer, I’m basically a branding nightmare! I feel like I’m writing a dating profile with this paragraph, like what am I meant to put here? Do they want me to be funny? Or serious? Like how funny do they want me to be? Haha funny or hahaha funny, cause that’s difficult to do on the back of a box, wait, what do you mean i’m running out of space? This has a limit--- Smajor is 4.2 inches in height, seated on a pink inflatable flamingo tube. Next to him is a white unicorn with pink hooves and turquoise hair, with a golden horn. He throws up a peace sign, while he wears a bright blue shirt with rolled up sleeves, brown shorts and rainbow sneakers. His multi toned dirty blonde hair is slicked back, while he grins at directly at you. Smajor’s window box uses beautiful peach, yellow and pink gradients to convey a sunset on a warm, sunny day. Healthy palm trees and hot air balloons cover the skyline, as the water in a pool glistens nearby. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Smajor

Scott Major is a Scottish content creator known for his humor and sassy personality. He created his channel in 2013 and has since published thousands of videos and grown to a fanbase of millions!

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