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Boomy Zoomie

The Collectible

He walks on lava. He speedruns through Hyrule. He holds the record as the world’s fastest 3rd fastest pencil sharpener. Standing 4.8” tall, SmallAnt stands grinning with one hand on his hip and the other waving. He wears a red turtleneck, black jeans, maroon sneakers, and glasses with black frames. Behind his ear sits a pencil. To his right sits his son (who is not to be yeeted) wearing a green cap and burgundy tunic, holding a recovery heart. The interior of his packaging is designed with a blue and green pattern, while the exterior of his package is decorated with Twitch loyalty badges and an illustration of Chunky Runky. This figure ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve, encased inside a clear plastic protector.

About SmallAnt

SmallAnt is a Canadian Twitch streamer, known for speedrunning and difficulty challenges. He began uploading content to Youtube in 2018 and has grown his fanbase to millions worldwide.

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