SMG4 Tari
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Glitch Blue
Oct 18–25

The Collectible

Tari is kind, with her appearance resembling a blue jay bird. Tari wears a blue and white hooded jacket, over a white tank top. One of her arms is mechanical. She wears beige pants and beige flip flops, with a pair of blue and white socks. Covering her hands are black fingerless gloves. Her expression is cute as she gives us a friendly smile, combined with blush on her cheeks. The packaging was designed in collaboration with Glitch Productions to resemble a scene from the series. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed protective sleeve.

About Glitch Productions

Glitch Productions makes 3D animated series about esports, gaming and speed running. Their entertainment style is light hearted and full of memes. Their productions have over one billion views on Youtube and are beloved by millions of people around the world!