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Tuxedo Black/Milk White

The Collectible

SMii7Y is the lovable, Canadian, milkbag with a reputation fo being an expert at making friends angry in games. Now in limited edition vinyl, Smii7y's figure can be seen wearing his trademark propellor cap and black tuxedo jacket. Holding a box of milk in one hand, SMii7Y stands 4.2 inches tall and is delightfully joyful. His double-walled window box is inspired by splashing milk. His exterior sleeve is designed as a milk carton, complete with straw on the back. Damb.

About SMii7Y

SMii7Y is a gaming creator best known for his funny moments videos, being Canadian and the shape of his milkbag avatar with a red, blue and yellow propeller hat which he designed on his own. He has been on Youtube for nearly a decade.

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