Smudgelord Plush (9in)
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Fuzzy Table Cat

The Plush

Vegetals??? Not on my watch!

Don't worry, we've heard you, Smudgelord is now a Youtooz plush! You can now have your own little soft kitty friend to take home and judge other people with! Sitting comfortable on its bum at 9 inches tall with a lush white fur coat, this soft baby extends its hind legs extend in front of its body with a heart-shaped bean pad in view. With its front two paws keep him stable on the ground, around his neck is a yellow collar with a pink heart pendant in the middle. This angel's face, in true Smudge Lord fashion, has a judgmental air to it with his mouth hanging open slightly and dark squinting eyes. This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and made of a minky material, absolutely perfect for cuddling and for refusing vegetals together.

About Smudgelord

Meme lord, professional stinkeye maker, and hater of vegetables, Smudge took the world by storm when a photo of him posted by his owner to Tumblr went viral. Smudge’s images are now used all over the internet, in many different fandoms and memes, and he has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

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