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The Collectible

When Softwilly asked if what he had to do for a Youtooz, we told him he needs to get get 30,000 comments in under 24 hours on a Youtube video. Well, the madlad did it. So we had to keep our side of the deal. Youtooz designers worked with Softwilly to create his collectible exactly how he wanted it to be. Down to every inch. Standing 4.7 inches tall, this figure is wearing Timberland's, shorts, a grey sweater with Softwilly's logo on it and is making an OK symbol with one hand that is an emoji for some reason. On his head, Softwilly sports a beard and shaggy hair. The window box was designed the way Softwilly wanted, with as many eggplant emojis as we could fit. The collectible comes in a matte, protective, embossed outer sleeve.

About Softwilly

Softwilly is an American creator known for making meme videos about gaming and Discord trolling. He's grown to have thousands of fans and is known for his silly appearance and humor.

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