Sophist Plush (9in)
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Sophisticated slayer

The Plush

"Editor, put in the green screen car crash."

Sophist has button-mashed their way to becoming a Youtooz plush! This Mario Party master sits at 9 inches tall, from bum to the top of the top hat! Just like their iconic YouTube Icon, this plush is decked out in a lush purple suit. He sits on his bum, with his legs forward. He is adorned with purple pants and shoes. Resting on his shoulders, over his blazer is a long purple cape with a popped collar. Sophist's beard is smooth and sharp as it wraps around his chin, beneath an open mouth smile. Across his eyes, is his notable eye mask complete with the purple gem in the center of his forehead. This plush is complete with his iconic top hat resting on top of his head! This plush is absolutely packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of soft minky-like material, perfect for cuddling or for winning some stars with!

About Sophist

Sophist, formerly known as SophisticatedEevee is an American YouTuber. He has risen to popularity through their focus on games on their channel. They are especially known for their love of Mario Party Superstars! After starting their channel in 2019, Sophist has gained over 330 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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