Space Juno
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Timeshare on Mars

The Collectible

Oh, Barbara, this is absolutely stunning! Space Juno stands 5 inches tall, in yellow galactic gogo boots. She is wearing a purple space suit underneath a chic two-piece pink bathing suit. In her right arm, she is cradling baby Juno in a pink onesie. While both hands are adorned with her signature yellow gloves, with the left hand raised for a wave. She is wearing pink rectangular earrings and her iconic pink sunglasses. Space Juno's double-walled window box shows cows relaxing in a field sprinkled with flowers. Whilst in the distance a UFO has lowered its draw bridge and smoke bellows out from the illuminated opening. Behind the UFO is a white picket fence, separating the spacecraft from the dark forest beyond. The interior uses a purple backdrop with lighter purple stars splattered across. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Juno Birch

Juno Birch is a British drag queen, sculptor, wig stylist and content creator on Youtube. She is known for her unique, alien-esque aesthetic, looking like she crash-landed on Earth in 1962.

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