One Punch Man
Speed-o-Sound Sonic
$29.99 USD

Due to licensing restrictions the One Punch Man collection only ships to addresses in the North America, Central America, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

The Collectible

If you are too confident in your fighting style but lose, the result will always be the same.

Sonic stands at 4.3 inches, his pose showing him in mid-movement. He is dressed in his skin-tight black suite with the purple scarf swaying with the wind. He has a studded belt with studded wristbands and shoulders. In his left hand he is holding a ninja star and equipped on his back is a sword. The exterior of his double-walled packaging shows a high view of a clear sky with a large range of trees. The interior is a bright yellow background with a fist pattern drawn on in white and red. The protective sleeve is an indigo background with ONE PUNCH MAN written around it. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and a custom sized plastic protector for maximum protection during shipping.

About One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero franchise created by ONE. The story revolves around Saitama, a super-hero, who has insanely strong powers which allow him to beat any opponent with a single punch. After winning every fight, Saitama grows bored and is yearning to find a worthy fight.

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