Spyro Superfreeze
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Edition of 250.

The Collectable

Spyro returns to Youtooz in his cutest form, with an absolute plethora of amazing colour variants! Sat at 3.5 inches tall with his legs kicked forward lazily and huge cute eyes staring up at you from a determined face, his usual horns, wings and scales are replaced with the frostiest icy blue tones. Perfect for displaying your emotions, this cutie is ideal for keeping cool when under pressure!

About Spyro

Spyro is a cute energic purple dragon known for his ability to breath fire and defeat enemies by charging at them, as well as his ability to glide to otherwise unreachable areas. Remastered in 2018 through the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy game collection, the Spyro franchise has grown to be a treasured place in players' hearts.

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