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Bear Market

The Collectible

NASDANQ we have a problem. Looks like we're entering a bear market. Standing at 5 inches tall, Stinks has been immortalized in vinyl form. Fooling audiences looking professional in a black tailored suit and tie, this man may be the worst investor in the world. Behind him is a graph, pointing down showing the awful returns of the year. The packaging was designed by Youtooz artists to resemble the typical corporate boardroom, full of crying, financial aficionados looking down at their paper hands while regretting their life choices. The collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective sleeve.

Stonks vs. Stinks

About Stinks

Stinks is the anti-hero of the common Stonks character who appears with the word “stocks” misspelled on purpose and combined with Meme Man standing in front of a graph. Where Mr. Stonks sees profits going up and to the right, Stinks is his angry unlucky alter ego, watching losses accumulate down and to the left. This meme is meant to be used when communicating poor financial decisions that do not work out in the end. Originating in 2017, the image has spread to hundreds of millions of views over the past few years.