Stray Pin Set
$29.99 USD
5 x 3.7
Kitty Cat pins!

The Pin Set

Everyone's favorite Stray has been immortalized as collectible pins!

The collector's box contains 5 enamel pins. The pins vary in size but are all around 2 inches tall or wide with a shiny and high-quality finish. The box comes with our favorite orange tabby in a few different positions, Stray in a bucket, Stray cuddling B-12, Stray sitting on grass facing away, Stray running with a paper bag on it's head and a happy Stray looking forward holding the word meow. Put these as decoration on a cork board or show them off on your tote bag, backpack, fanny pack, jacket - where ever your heart desires!

About Stray

Stray is a third-person adventure game, where you take control of a stray cat. You control the cat as you traverse across a decaying cybercity while maneuvering through the seedy underbelly to defend against threats and solve mysteries. Stray was developed by BlueTwelve Studio, located in the south of France. It was released in July of 2022 to massive acclaim and success.

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