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Black ooze

The Collectible

Hey guys, SuperHorrorBro Mike here and today I make my Youtooz debut! Standing at 4.8” SuperHorrorBro braces himself for a jumpscare. With a raised eyebrow and grimace on his face, he wades warily through black ooze as it sticks to his raised foot and creeps up and around his body, placing a yellow gloved hand on his left shoulder. In his right hand, he clutches a wad of papers showing a horrifying scrawl of a creature and the repeated words ‘no’. He wears a black t-shirt with the red ‘SHB’ logo printed on the front and blue jeans. The exterior of the packaging shows him trekking through a spooky forest under a full moon with a dimly lit cabin in the background, while the interior is a decrepit wooden room with a sinister black ooze seeping from the walls and ceiling. The protective sleeve shows the silhouettes of spooky tentacles and a particularly ‘bendy’ monster. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve and the concept was designed in collaboration with @thereal_racckun.

About SuperHorrorBro

Mike, also known as SuperHorrorBro, is an English Youtuber specializing in, you guessed it, horror games! With in depth gameplay, Easter egg and theory/analysis videos, he and his subscribers investigate the absolute spookiest parts of the gaming world.

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