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The Collectible

A happy Sussquirrel stands 4.9 inches tall with a helmet tucked under one hand. His sculpted brains, ear, and detailed tail are visible outside of his space suit. He wears his iconic baby blue bandana, as well as a pass hanging around his neck that totally does not indicate his sus status. His body is protected by an extraordinary detailed spacesuit, with grey detailing, multi colored boots and a black/beige body. His double-walled window box is space themed, setting the scene for Sussquirrel to do his best to convince others he’s not the imposter. This collectible ships in a matte, embossed, protective outer sleeve.

About Dead Squirrel

Dead Squirrel is a gaming Youtube creator living in the United States of America. He plays a variety of games and is known for his good aim and funny content recorded with his friends.

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