Swagger (1ft)
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1ft Yeet Blue/Medieval Grey

The Collectible

SwaggerSouls comes out with the anniversary edition of his Season 1 Youtooz release. This designer art piece stands 12 inches tall and is a scaled up version of the 2019 drop. It features Swagger's helmet, designer jacket with a custom print on the front and back, as well as his OK symbol in his hand. This piece ships in a custom built heavy duty box which opens on hinges and features a large scene taken out of Swagger's world. The interior contains protective foam for the collectible.

About SwaggerSouls

Originally from Yeetsville, Idaho, SwaggerSouls is a crusader helmet wearing, herb smoking, sexy hunk of a man that doesn't play by the rules. His Youtube channel was created in May of 2015 and started gaining notoriety in the summer of 2016 after a video of him dropping a freestyle rap in a surf server went viral. Often the subject of debate, his identity and height are unknown. Many have tried to capture an image of his face, with few coming close; unfortunately it remains a mystery of who the man underneath the helmet really is. Today, SwaggerSouls makes VR and gaming videos while living with the Misfits in Melbourne, Australia.